This year-long battle that we have named “the Pandemic” has forced us to feel the pain of losing both loved ones and strangers alike. We are physically and emotionally drained. We await the end of this era with the hope with which one longs for a new spring.


We did not base our hopes solely on our prayers, choosing instead to come together globally as “ONE PEOPLE.”

For the first time, our collective breaths placed us all within the same time zone—one characterized by survival. This time zone was not defined by time differences or day and night, because we all woke up to the same one day.

We clung on to the siren from an ambulance…believed in the miracle of the face mask and heroism within each of us…Holding on to our memories of those we love from a distance, we learned to appreciate and tolerate the ones we cannot be with.

While losing our lives we were reminded of the value of life which breathed new life into us.

We learned to challenge our fears—some with small steps, some with large—but we all began to challenge. Once we discovered that we had nothing to lose besides life itself, and how thin is the thread upon which our lives hang, we found the strength to fight for the principles, convictions and values we have always had but have never fought for.

Right now…right here…in this moment…

We are awake and alive…this breath belongs to us…and we will put life into each breath!

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